Hydrate for iPhone and iPod Touch

Have you drunk enough water today? Maybe Hydrate can help?

Hydrate 1.4 helps you manage your daily water intake through an attractive and simple interface. Start logging your daily water intake straight away using the simple presets. If you have made a mistake, remove it by shaking the phone. View a graphical summary by turning your phone to landscape mode.

If you like to customise, you can set your own goals, the amount you drink at one time, as well as the units of measurement that best suit you. You can also activate reminders, so the app lets you know when you're due a drink.


  • - Reminders
  • - Simple and Attractive Interface, plus Fun Effects
  • - Quick selection
  • - Customiable Goals and Amounts
  • - Easily Accessible History
  • - Photorealistic Graphics
  • - Graphical Summary
  • - Languages: English

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